Records & Information Management

Records & Information Management

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Electronic records management facilitates informed decision making, but the amount of information that flows through organizations today presents a unique set of challenges. Developing strategic and tactical plans for the creation, retrieval, sharing, and maintenance of records and information can be complex and expensive.

For the challenges described above, companies are charged with:

  • Identifying and protecting your knowledge assets
  • Organizing the huge amounts of electronic information received and created daily
  • Improving business processes and reducing environmental impact
  • Developing and implementing internal policies, procedures, and controls
  • Reducing storage management costs
  • Mitigating risk associated with eDiscovery, litigation, and security breaches

Cadence Group® provides critical solutions in Records and Information Management (RIM) Services designed to meet your business challenges.

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What We Do

Completing Assessments

Cadence Group will gather information from key stakeholders in each of your separate business units. Leveraging that knowledge, our team analyzes each of the operating units needs and delivers a Findings and Recommendations Report that identifies gaps in best practices, a roadmap for execution and estimated timeline for completion. Recommendations address areas such as: legal and regulatory requirements, governance and program sustainability, technology options, business process improvements, cost reduction and risk mitigation priorities.

Developing RIM Programs

We typically start with an assessment to understand current records management practices, then build a program foundation and take your team all the way through adoption. A RIM Program Foundation is critical to successful compliance and includes 1) Policy, 2) Records Retention Schedule (RRS) incorporating legal and business requirements, and 3) Guidelines and Procedures that outline physical and eRecords best practices. Learn more about our Records Schedule tool.

Policies will address the latest technology and communication practices such as social media and information in the cloud.

 We then build on this foundation to ensure a successful implementation of your records management program through:

Merging/Simplifying Records Retention Schedules

Without a clear path, compliance by internal staffers is impossible. A current Records Retention Schedule is a critical component of any records management program. The primary objective of Cadence Group’s Records Retention Schedule Development Methodology is to support simplified records retention practices, so that employees can easily use, and management can easily administer, the schedule. Cadence Group experts can quickly assess and align your schedules to streamline business processes and improve compliance. Learn more about our Records Schedule tool, it allows you to visualize the relationships between old and new schedules and links to the legal citations that drive the retention recommendations.

Global Research into Records Retention and Privacy Law

Keeping a legal research team or hiring outside counsel is costly and largely unnecessary. Let our experienced team complete legal and regulatory research and provide legal citations for the U.S. and countries worldwide. Your Records Retention Schedule can then be updated based on best practices in risk mitigation, and legal and regulatory retention requirements.

Cleanup of Inactive Records

Documents and email have a way of accumulating. You want to clean out the obsolete information, but need to do it in a compliant manner. Cadence Group offers solutions to help identify and destroy as much eligible records and information as possible, based on risk and retention requirements. Whether you decide to leverage your existing tools or evaluate and purchase a new product, the Cadence Group team can help you manage the process to ensure compliance, a sound information architecture and a sustainable program.

Utilize our triage methodology, proprietary tools, and our understanding of legally defensible destruction strategies. Quickly reduce the risk associated with your growing stockpile of physical “records” and electronic documents and email. Learn more about ePurgeSM SaaS, one of the tools in our toolbelt.

Records & Information Management Training

Whether you need someone to provide one-on-one records management training, in-depth classroom learning opportunities, online or classroom-based certificate programs, or customized training, your information professionals will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of physical and electronic records and information management (RIM). Training Programs include:

  • RIM Awareness 101
  • RIM Policy
  • Electronic Records Management Training
  • In-depth Records Coordinator
  • Document Management, Records Management, Web Content Management
  • Records and Information Cleanup Events
  • Copyright Issues and Information Center Operations

Training will enable your organization to mitigate financial and legal risk, share data and knowledge across the enterprise, comply with laws specific to your industry, and increase employee productivity.

Operational Integration of RIM Policy and Procedures

Strong programs are effective when they align with real-world business practices—great RIM programs do not operate in a vacuum but rather in each and every work station. We understand that each department has their own business processes; we assure that each component of operations aligns with RIM policies. By carefully developing protocols that keep the end-user in mind, we assure that they easily become a seamless part of daily operations, assuring compliance and delivering increased efficiencies for the organization.

Compliance Help Desk

Need to support your staff through the cleanup and implementation of your RIM policies and procedures? Need ongoing records and information management support for your record coordinators and administrative staff? Learn more about Compliance Help Desk.

Managed Services and Staffing

Whether you need records management leadership or staffing support, Cadence Group can help. Throughout the operational year, you may need different types of RIM skills. We can put together a program that addresses your scalable skill needs so that you invest in the skills you need when you need them. 

We handle the recruitment of professional RIM personnel to staff the RIM Program office, or offer an outsourced RIM Program office that addresses all aspects of a record’s (electronic and physical) life cycle –saving you as much as 30% on the cost of running many business operations.

Review and Audit Programs

Keep your programs strong with review and audit programs. We offer annual Records Policy Reviews–a survey of existing business units conducted to solicit changes, additions, or deletions from the existing Records Retention Schedule and RIM policy. We’ll then input changes into the Records Retention Schedule and update the legal citations and retention, based on any new legal or regulatory requirements. 

Additionally, an enterprise-wide RIM audit compliance review makes departments aware of the importance of following the RIM Policy and Procedures. Cadence Group will make comprehensive or random office inspections, analyze the results, summarize the findings, recommend steps toward compliance, develop future audit focus point areas, and can support training and cleanup activities.

Software Evaluation

Cadence Group objectively consults on the selection of information management products including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management System (DMS), Records Management System (RMS), etc.

We do not sell these products. Instead, we offer you an unbiased approach to software evaluation, partnering with you to select the best technology available for your environment, and fully leveraging your current technology to constrain costs. Our consultants lead and/or facilitate the steps necessary to help your organization select the best product, with the greatest return on investment. As part of our software evaluation process, we:

  • Gather and Prioritize Business Requirements
  • Combine with Industry Standards/Requirements for software
  • Build a Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Identify Key Vendors to Respond to RFP
  • Guide Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation
  • Support the Selection of Vendor
  • Oversee the Implementation, Rollout, and Training


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A federally funded corporation engaged Cadence Group to access the state of their records and information management policies and business processes, recommend best practices, and develop a SharePoint Governance Plan and legacy migration strategy to achieve their collaboration and compliance goals.

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Major Airline hired Cadence Group to set up and manage a central repository for physical records and electronic images contracts and other vital records.

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To achieve its collaboration and compliance goals, a federally funded corporation engaged Cadence Group to assess the state of their information management processes, recommend best practices, and develop a SharePoint Governance Plan and legacy migration strategy.

AIIM Session Materials: Managing Electronic File Cleanup White Paper

Did you join our information management tribe (as Seth Godin calls us) at AIIM? It was great! But whether you had the opportunity to join me for the interactive facilitated discussion on Managing Electronic Records Cleanup or not, I want to provide information you can leverage as you pursue your cleanup projects.

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Records & Information Management Positions

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Program Administration Specialist
  • Information Manager
  • Information Management Consultant
  • Information Specialist
  • Information Technician
  • Information Clerk
  • Legal Researcher
  • Certified Archivist
  • Certified Records Manager
  • Certified Document Imaging Architect
  • Records Manager
  • Records Analyst
  • Records Specialist
  • Imaging Technician
  • Records Clerk
  • Indexer
  • Writer/ Abstracter
  • ECM Architect
  • ECM Programmer/Analyst
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