Information Management Software Evaluation

Information Management Software Evaluation

Cadence Group objectively consults on the selection of information management products including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management System (DMS), Records Management System (RMS), Content Management System (CMS), Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Library Management Systems, Integrated Library System (ILS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc. We do not sell these products. Instead, we offer you an unbiased approach to software evaluation, partnering with you to select the best technology available for your environment, and fully leveraging your current technology to constrain costs. Our consultants lead and/or facilitate the steps necessary to define help your organization select the best product, with the greatest return on investment.

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Gather Software Requirements

Cadence Group will meet with your project sponsor and gather information on business needs and infrastructure requirements including existing hardware, infrastructure elements, number of users, and number of servers required. Our consultants will input your priorities and special requirements into our evaluation tool and align your requirements with industry standards for the category of software.

Build a Request for Proposal (RFP), Identify Key Vendors to Respond, & Support the Selection of a Vendor

Cadence Group will help write and develop the RFP for software vendors. Cadence Group will help you identify qualified products based on your requirements and budget constraints, and provide the tools and processes to help you conduct a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the products. Cadence Group will gather information from the prospective vendors, assist in responding to questions from the vendors, evaluate responses, help you select a short list of vendors for further evaluation, schedule vendor demonstrations, and help evaluate the results from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

Oversee the Technology Implementation, Rollout, and Training

Cadence Group will work with your Information Technology team to support sandbox testing, configuration compliant with your policies and government regulations, migration, pilot testing, rollout, staff training, and support.

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