Search & Placement

Search & Placement


If you need to hire an information professional to apply their expertise to your organization, but hiring is not your core competency, we have the answer.   Our team of seasoned recruiters are familiar with the industry and possess the requisite connections to find just the right person for the job.  We can get your team up and running faster, saving you both time and money. Contact us to get details on our search recruiting service and library recruitment.


“Again, thanks for providing us with top notch people. You guys are indeed the best.”

-Law Firm Client

What We Do

Our search recruiting group is a highly effective team dedicated to serving the specialized recruiting needs of companies seeking top talent in a variety of information management sectors, such as library recruitment.
We provide companies with effective search recruiting in the areas of information management, user experience and library management.  If the job centers around information, we handle it.  Our team is not only experienced in recruiting– they are also seasoned specialists themselves.  This means we offer a specialty, niche service that is more effective than other, “generalist” recruiters. Unlike “generalist” recruiters, Cadence Group actually practices Information Management disciplines with its clients. Because we perform this work, we know what skills are needed and can quickly find the right person for you.


How We Do It

The only way to hire top performers is to develop relationships with people that work in information management and design.  We are able to recruit the best because through years of experience, we have built a superior network. Cadence Group has done this by dedicating ourselves to actively participating in major Information Management associations and networks. Our sourcing approach is not designed to attract the masses; rather, we are only looking for individuals that possess superior and specific skills.

Cadence Group has taken proven, traditional recruiting techniques and built consistent, tactical methodologies so that we can leverage best practices for you on every engagement. We are constantly improving and testing our approach, so our clients benefit from the lessons learned from each of our client projects.



An International Law Firm asked Cadence Group to find, screen, and interview a Senior Librarian.


After using Cadence Group’s RIM Consulting Services, this Major Engineering and Construction company requested we help them hire a Certified Records Manager.


 Instead of using their in-house staffing vendor, this Entertainment Company sought out Cadence Group to help find several Records Mangers.

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