Managed Services

Managed Services


If you have been charged with setting up a information management (IM) operation outside your core competencies, Cadence Group can help.  You may, for example, need a records management program, a virtual library, or mobile responsive websites and online collaboration spaces, but the company does not have the IM expertise to set up the operation and run it.  Working with our team of experts is the best way to acquire this knowledge without incurring high staffing and operational costs.  Contact us to get started today.

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“Excellent service and products. A model organization!”

-Aerospace Client

What We Do

Cadence Group has a long history of helping clients find a cost-effective way to run an information management (IM) business operation outside their core competencies — in practice areas such as records management, virtual/physical libraries, knowledge management and research.

We apply our services in a way that allows you to get the highest return from your investment in people and technology. With Cadence Group’s Managed Services, we take care of everything – management, staffing, and day-to-day operations – saving you as much as 30% on the cost of running many business operations. 
In addition, you gain professional resources for many business functions including central control, audits and enforcement of policies and procedures
. We can also provide user support and training programs
 alongside enterprise aggregation of vendor purchases and coordination of internal communications and promotion

How We Do It

Typically, Cadence Group outsourcing projects use the following approach:

  • Appoint an executive sponsor
  • Define program scope
  • Identify resources and responsibilities
  • Define policies, functions and services based on best practices
  • Assess software options
  • Secure necessary staff, equipment and software
  • Assign department-level liaisons
  • Provide day-to-day support to business units and individuals
  • Conduct periodic management reviews



Large Aerospace Manufacturer hired Cadence Group to design, develop and manage a Virtual Library and Research/Reference Help Desk.


Major Airline hired Cadence Group to set up and manage a central repository for physical records and electronic images contracts and other vital records.


Federal Public Health Agency hired Cadence Group to support website design and content management requirements for over 42 websites.

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