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Consulting Services


Your organization is flooded with information.  How do you effectively organize documents and files as they relate to your email messages, application systems, and physical records?  How do you ensure the information isn’t lost over time and is available to support critical decisions and enable efficient business processes.  What is the governance strategy that can reduce redundancy and mitigate legal and regulatory risks?
In addition to growing information stores, there are also important external resources that your team needs to do their job.  How do you cost effectively negotiate and license external information and then effectively integrate it with your organization’s content for easy access, collaboration and dissemination?  How can new technologies be objectively evaluated and integrated into your enterprise architecture while fully leveraging existing solutions in which you’re invested? Cadence Group can help when your organization isn’t ready to hire a full-time employee with this specialized expertise or doesn’t want to rely on a consultant’s individual experience. Get our information management consulting team working for you right away.  Contact us to work with one of our specialists right away.


“They are both efficient and effective in their management of projects with a strong work ethic, resulting in timely dissemination of products to different audiences in a variety of formats.”

-Program Director at a Federal Public Health Agency

What We Do

Cadence Group offers a tightly integrated team of  information management consulting experts that understand industry best practices and how Practice areas interrelate. Our team follows Cadence Group’s mature methodology and process templates. Our management team and consultants bring extensive experience analyzing your gaps, defining a road map to your long-term goals and then helps your organization understand and embrace the change.  Our team is committed to managing information in an organized, compliant, and sustainable manner for both ourselves and our clients.

Cadence Group has a long history of helping clients easily access, organize and disseminate information based on their specific needs. Our experts sift through an ever-growing pool of information resources and software solutions, identifying the most reliable sources and tools. This enables us to provide objective and current information management (IM) consulting solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Our consulting team is available under hourly and fixed price contracts to help you achieve and exceed your goals, and understand the importance of both timeline and budget constraints.

White Paper

Cadence Group highlights a White Paper from our collection of white papers on best practices, industry trends, and research results associated with Records and Information Management. We are also constantly updating the Blog & News library so check there to see what’s new.  Our current featured white paper is:

Setting Up A Compliant Records Management Program: Where Do You Start?


How We Do It

Change is not only inevitable in a organizational setting, it’s critical to survival.  Companies that can strategically manage innovation and change will gain a competitive edge, propelling them forward in their market.   But change can be unsettling for everyone in the organization. Change needs to be understood and managed in a way that people can cope effectively with it.  By utilizing strong communication, training, and user support methods, Cadence Group helps organizations minimize potential disruption and gain efficiencies faster

Cadence Group has developed a 5-step methodology – based on PMI project management and CMMI maturity model methods – with which it approaches each client’s unique set of demands. At a high level the five steps can be described as:


DEFINE PRE-STARTUP: Includes defining business needs, opportunity and scope of the project.
PLAN POST-STARTUP: Includes developing the detailed requirements, project plan, resource requirements and timeline.
ASSESS Includes documenting existing and desired environments, analyzing the gap between the two and developing recommendations.
CREATE Includes developing the solution, performing comprehensive testing and executing a pilot program.
IMPLEMENT Includes publishing documentation, completing training and rolling out the solution in phases.


A Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company engaged Cadence Group to quickly (before YE) help them analyze the cost/benefit of a compliant cleanup of numerous offsite records storage sites across the country.  Based on our triage methodology, Cadence Group predicted a return on investment (ROI) in less than 5 years.  When we executed the cleanup, unexpected waste enabled a ROI from the cost of cleanup in year one.

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We consulted with a large social services non-profit to help them assess their library and information management practices and build a vision that would reinvent their organization as a premier provider of knowledge products and services.


A federally funded corporation engaged Cadence Group to access the state of their records and information management policies and business processes, recommend best practices, and develop a SharePoint Governance Plan and legacy migration strategy to achieve their collaboration and compliance goals.

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