Web & Content Management

Web & Content Management

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Our user experience and interface design practice is focused on helping you connect with customers at the first point of contact.  We believe that the online experience is not only the first line of customer service, it is often a key component of the sales process.  Extend your brand value by letting our team improve your users’ experience today with user-centered design, web content management, and 508 compliance assistance.

What We Do

User-Centered Design

We focus on leveraging best practices in design and usability to engage customers so that they visit often and take desired actions. Our teams start with a foundation of creative standards and best practices that provide consistency in the context of your functional requirements; we are innovative but pragmatic and seek to understand your audience and support their goals. Secondly, we focus on making each site easy, enjoyable and friendly, while at the same time developing a consistency in look, feel and sound. In the end, we create an atmosphere that encourages dialogue and conversation so that you can engage your customers in ways you never thought possible.

Web Design and Development

The Cadence Group team designs and develops internet and intranet sites using the latest web development tools, including Adobe Creative Suite, Beyond Compare, CSS, XHTML and JavaScript, and statistics are monitored using Omniture and Google Analytics.  Our team’s commitment to continued education allows them to effectively change with the environment and provide the latest methods of web delivery, including:

  • streaming video through YouTube
  • developing animated ecards
  • syndicating content
  • developing e-learning modules
  • making SEO enhancements
  • blogging
  • posting to social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest using text, widgets, and infographics

Web Content Management

Great websites offer fresh, relevant content that attracts and retains website visitors. Web Content Management solutions ensure that your sites (both internal and external-facing) provide regular, well-organized information targeted to a specific audiences’s needs. Cadence Group maintains your website with up-to-date, relevant content using a consistent look and feel. Our information professionals feed your website with newsletters, relevant industry updates and streaming media. In addition, we redesign websites following usability guidelines and metadata tagging standards, organizing your content based on user terminology and usage requirements.

Website Traffic Analysis

Our team can help you select the tools that best suit the needs of your organization for tracking and analyzing traffic flows to your website. Let us use our expertise in marketing, business intelligence, and data analysis and visualization to build and customize user-friendly dashboards of website traffic information that will provide you with deeper insight into traffic flows and user profiles of your audience as well as those of your competitors.

508 Compliance

Our methodology for addressing Section 508 compliance for applications is based on the technical standards for user interfaces, keyboard interfaces, and web page layout defined in the Section 508 Guidelines of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  The Section 508 Standards are part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and address access for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.

Software Evaluation

Cadence Group objectively consults on the selection of information management products including Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and web traffic measurement and analysis.

We do not sell these products. Instead, we offer you an unbiased approach to software evaluation, partnering with you to select the best technology available for your environment, and fully leveraging your current technology to constrain costs. Our consultants lead and/or facilitate the steps necessary to help your organization select the best product, with the greatest return on investment. As part of our software evaluation process, we:

  • Gather and Prioritize Business Requirements
  • Combine with Industry Standards/Requirements for software
  • Build a Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Identify Key Vendors to Respond to RFP
  • Guide Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Metrics for Evaluation and Selection
  • Oversee the Implementation, Rollout, and Training



Cadence Group worked with a small web team to enhance and maintain 42 websites across several offices and divisions of a public health agency.


The Cadence Group web team integrates social media utilizing tools such as WordPress to produce an interactive blog and an e-newsletter and develops features for the website of a federal agency by including widgets, Facebook, and Twitter feed.


For a university school of medicine e-learning project to provide live and online training to clinicians, Cadence Group provided knowledge management IT support and managed the day-to-day operations of the website, webinars and coffee shop sessions.

Web & Content Management Positions

  • Web Designer
  • Content Manager
  • Web Content Analyst
  • Technical/Content Writer
  • Copy Editor
  • Functional/Business Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • Web Developer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Content Manager
  • Content Administrator
  • Content Curator
  • Digital Archivist
  • Social Media Director
  • Account Manager /Supervisor / Director
  • Web Solutions/Technical Project Manager
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