Library Management & Research

Library Management & Research


Library management today– whether public, academic or corporate– finds itself at a critical juncture.  Some say the capabilities of the Internet and the explosion of information technology have made libraries passé.  At Cadence Group, we feel just the opposite.  Today, expert librarians and other skilled information professionals are more valuable than ever in helping companies navigating through the sheer volume of information available.

Whether you need assistance in moving your library into the digital age, guidance on the most efficient way to centralize information resource purchasing across the enterprise or simply help with research and ready reference or a cataloging backlog, Cadence Group has an experienced staff on board and a database of qualified candidates to help with your library and information center needs.

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What We Do

Library Assessments and Design Solutions

Library and information center solutions encompass a range of functions, from placement of staff on your payroll to project consulting and the overall management of key functions under your supervision. Over the years, the scope of our client work has included:

  • Assessment of current operations and recommendations for process improvement
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Library automation installations
  • Product training
  • Library marketing
  • Web & database development
  • Strategic planning
  • Product evaluation & licensing
  • Electronic resource management
  • Budget justification


Cadence Group’s recruiters have an extensive bank of resumes and a network of contacts throughout the library community. We can quickly find library administrators, as well as credentialed information specialists for positions like researcher, cataloger, trainer, electronic resource librarian, webmaster, user experience librarian and social media developer. Using thorough interviews, testing and background checks, we ensure candidates match the skill sets and experience levels that you desire. Cadence Group addresses your problem areas and gaps in coverage with thoughtful solutions that minimize labor costs to only the hours needed. We also eliminate your frustration in dealing with less knowledgeable recruiters who may not understand library industry standards.

Content Acquisition/ Licensing

Our content acquisition solutions are designed to assess and aggregate the content needs of multiple departments and purchase commonly needed information at a lower cost-per-user price. By leveraging the purchasing power of your enterprise and Cadence Group’s experience in licensing and contract negotiation, we can help eliminate duplicate purchases and optimize your information investments. By centralizing these types of purchases, you also save time and gain broader access to the information needed to support business decisions.

Research Support

For over 20 years, our information professionals have delivered high-quality research based on the best and most cost-effective sources available. Our research team has experience in all types of libraries, as well as expertise in various industries, including aerospace, financial, food & beverage, telecom, legal, bio-medical, retail and transportation. We also provide both quantitative and qualitative data analysis services, including descriptive and inferential statistical, thematic, and mixed-methods analyses. Partnering with us will help you better understand opportunities in your community and marketplace, as well as streamline your internal processes. Whether you require help with an extensive project or assistance with a backlog of requests or ongoing research support, we will provide you with the customized solution you need so your information users stay focused on their core responsibilities and mission.


Our archivists are experts at developing systems and establishing best practices to identify, gather, preserve, digitize, organize, manage, safeguard and make accessible materials of all formats, types and sizes. We understand that to be successful, any archive should build and retain value.  It should support your mission, branding, positioning and strategy.  We will work with you to create and support an archive that is useful and active – not one that collects dust.  We have experience helping clients preserve, manage and leverage key historical content across all types of organizations including corporations, government agencies, not-for-profits and specialized private collections.

Software Evaluation

Cadence Group objectively consults on the selection of information management products including Library Management Systems and Integrated Library System (ILS).

We do not sell these products. Instead, we offer you an unbiased approach to software evaluation, partnering with you to select the best technology available for your environment, and fully leveraging your current technology to constrain costs. Our consultants lead and/or facilitate the steps necessary to help your organization select the best product, with the greatest return on investment. As part of our software evaluation process, we:

  • Gather and Prioritize Business Requirements
  • Combine with Industry Standards/Requirements for software
  • Build a Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Identify Key Vendors to Respond to RFP
  • Guide Qualitative and Quantitative for Evaluation and Selection
  • Oversee the Implementation, Rollout, and Training



In managing the virtual library for an aerospace engineering firm, we were able to negotiate significant discounts off quoted prices; we saved over $100K for online content subscriptions.


We consulted with a human services sector non-profit to help them assess their library and information management practices and reinvent their organization as a premier provider of knowledge products and services.


Cadence Group provided total library management services —  including personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, research, education and customer relations — for two US Air Force Base libraries.

Library Management & Research Positions

  • Knowledge Director
  • Records Operations Manager
  • Library Director
  • Project Manager
  • Library Administrator
  • Professional Librarian
  • Library Paraprofessional
  • Secondary Researcher
  • Primary Researcher
  • Competitive Intelligence Consultant
  • Archivist
  • Taxonomy Specialist
  • Content Curators
  • Original Cataloger
  • Copy Cataloger
  • Indexer
  • Writer/ Abstracter
  • ILS Systems Administrator
  • LAN Administrator
  • Library Technician
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