Information Governance (IG)

Information Governance (IG)

Unified Governance. Business - Profit. Privacy & Security - Risk. IT - Efficiency. RIM - Risk. Legal - Risk. Policy Integration - Process Transparency. Value - Create, Use. Duty - Hold, Discover. Asset - Store, Secure. Retain Archive. Dispose.


Cadence Group offers an integrated suite of Information Governance (IG) consulting services, including RIM, IT, Security, Legal Research. We employ skilled professionals with experience across these disciplines that are trained to integrate policies and promote unified governance. By doing so, Cadence Group reduces risk and improves efficiency, optimizing the value of available data. This combination of outcomes allows businesses to maximize profits.

What We Do


By developing transparent and secure information structures, integrated policies, tactical procedures, and training, we help you build a framework for unified and legally defensible Information Governance (IG). Then, our Compliance Helpdesk provides ongoing support that enables sustainable compliance.


Even the best IG policies will have limited impact without proper implementation, communication & training. Cadence Group will help you design an integrated IG policy covering IT, records, privacy, security, data breaches, & eDiscovery. We provide expert guidance through the entire change management process to facilitate implementation.


Cadence Group works closely with our clients to understand the context in which their business operates, analyze key processes, and consider how existing technology can be leveraged to facilitate IG. With the implementation of transparent information structures and integrated policies, all components of the organization are positioned to build collaborative and transparent processes.


In the era of Big Data, a robust IG framework is vital. Cadence Group helps clients uncover areas of information and entitlement risk and provides them with a road map towards identifying and protecting data from all threats.


Cadence Group’s consulting team of Certified Records Managers, Archivists, and Information Governance Professionals works with the client’s legal counsel and CIO to develop preventative (vs. reactive) strategies to mitigate legal risk. Our legal research team leverages over a decade of experience and its repository of legal citations from all 50 states and 39 countries to facilitate cost effective legal and regulatory research to ensure proper retention and privacy controls. We can then update your Records Retention Schedule based on the research results, best practices, and the organization’s risk mitigation strategy. Then Policies, Procedures, and Training promote compliant behavior across all levels of the organization and provide structured protocols for responding to legal holds, data breaches, and discovery.


Cadence Group® provides critical Records and Information Management (RIM) solutions to meet the unique challenges of your organization.

  • Identifying and protecting your knowledge assets
  • Organizing the huge amounts of electronic information received and created daily
  • Improving business processes and reducing environmental impact
  • Developing and implementing internal policies, procedures, and controls
  • Reducing storage management costs
  • Mitigating risk associated with eDiscovery, litigation, and security breaches.


Cadence Group works closely with our clients to understand the context in which their businesses operate, analyze the processes and define requirements, and consider how existing technology can be leveraged to improve process efficiency, as well as records and privacy compliance. Cadence Group objectively identifies and evaluates commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products that can facilitate information governance and reduce cost, and our Systems Design and Development practice offers the software solutions, business process improvements, and change management services needed to support a successful implementation.



To achieve its collaboration and compliance goals, a federally funded corporation engaged Cadence Group to assess the state of their information management processes, recommend best practices, and develop a SharePoint Governance Plan and legacy migration strategy.

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