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Health IT

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Public health programs conserve critical resources and improve the quality of life for communities by using scientific developments and evidence-based interventions to keep people healthy. Effective use of information technology enhances the efficacy of these programs, improving coordination and ensuring that operations run smoothly. Innovative and coordinated use of new technologies and communication models rapidly translates science into public health action, increasing the value of all investments. Efficiency in implementation and outcome monitoring are crucial to the success of an agency or department, ensuring accountability to stakeholders and the public.

Whether a public health program needs to update existing systems or completely reimagine its technological support infrastructure, Cadence Group has the resources and expertise to handle the project. We leverage our knowledge and experience in development of custom solutions to cost-effectively integrate the most appropriate technology to best support public health initiatives. Furthermore, we offer health data analytics services to maximize the information garnered from data collection for continuous improvement and to inform future programs. Through Cadence Group’s support, any public health program in need of IT or analytics support can flourish.

What We Do

Technical Advisory Services

Cadence Group develops plans to manage the use of technology resources, methods, software development life cycles, data analysis, data release, and assessment of emerging and existing technology. Furthermore, we employ information and technology experts that efficiently implement approved changes and create applications to assist with future data collection, analyses and dissemination.

Health Communications

Cadence Group develops and gathers content for websites through diverse channels and with many resources. In addition to the Web Design and Development, and Web Maintenance, Compliance, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, where we code, implement and evaluate websites, analyzing requests, monitoring statistics and managing SEO, Cadence Group develops communications strategies, web and print content, and performs searches from a spectrum of databases and web resources to find specific and current materials and references. Furthermore, we triage public inquiries for direct response or referral to appropriate programs and experts. Responses to public inquiries are balanced with requests from agency staff; both are responded to swiftly and accurately.

Event and Speaker Tracking

Cadence Group has developed and leveraged a knowledge management application to track speakers and requests for speakers for multiple clients. Alongside this tool, Cadence Group has built a knowledge-base of available presentations that was updated to use ASP.Net and integrates with a publicly available web form to capture requests for speakers. This database facilitates and documents communication with the requestor and stores detailed statistical and graphic reports of activity. Furthermore, it expedites the fulfillment of speaker requests while providing keen insight to this valuable public service.

Resource Planning and Evaluation (RPE)

Cadence Group uses innovative processes and tools to help facilitate and expedite the Analysis of Alternatives and decision making process associated with evaluations without compromising the quality, independence, and transparency of the results. Our staff employs diverse approaches to achieve these goals, that include providing high level technical requirements for various options, conducting market surveys to compare similar implementations, analyzing the present and future costs, and providing cost/benefit analyses. Cadence Group’s analysis results have been used by multiple customers for similar projects, and adapted to assist with evaluation and comparison projects as well, providing increased efficiency and support for user adoption and overall program successes.

Data Visualization

Cadence Group works with organizations to display their data using a variety of platforms, producing visualizations that present information in both intuitive and innovative ways. Our experience and expertise with data analysis and interpretation allows us to provide data visualization services tailored to the needs of clients in a wide variety of sectors. Cadence Group can design dashboards and interactive graphic visualizations for external data dissemination, research, and dashboards for project management, executive monitoring and strategic planning.

LMS and Tech Assistance

Cadence Group has supported training and technical assistance needs of our clients across a wide array of audiences including public health workers, healthcare practitioners, and the public. We understand that technical assistance comes in many different forms. With this in mind, at one or our client sites we designed and implemented a centralized, online Technical Assistance and Training Center that leveraged and tailored existing learning systems, collaborative work environments, and other technical capacities from over 26,000 existing courses rather than building new, expensive, and often duplicative infrastructure. In addition to providing access to resources, the solution also involved significant customer training and assistance, delivered via multiple modes including one-on-one sessions, webinars, and group presentations. This is just one of the many ways Cadence Group keeps up with the changing landscape of technical support and provides diverse, high-level support. Cadence Group has also done extensive work to create and maintain an e-Learning website for clinicians at a university’s School of Medicine, which provides live and online training. Between these contracts and many others, Cadence Group staff serve as administrators for live webinars, downloads the webinars and catalogs them into on-demand libraries, provides administrative support, maintains websites, ensures compliance, as well as anything necessary to keep up with the changing online environment.

Query Tracking and Knowledgebase

Cadence Group has implemented Query Tracking and Knowledge Management solutions for multiple clients. We know that regardless of who provides the primary user support at the main helpdesk, a system is needed to track all queries, including the issues as they are routed/escalated to 2nd and 3rd tier subject matter experts. In addition, these solutions must enable the helpdesk to quickly locate experts and cleared answer-sources to more efficiently answer all queries. The technology solution and carefully documented procedure comprises a response system that quickens the process and shortens the learning curve for the organization.

Systems Design & Development

Please see our Systems Design & Development Practice Page for information on Website Design and Development, Website Maintenance, Compliance, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as Project Management, Business Process Improvement, System Development Lifecycle, Methodology, and Software Evaluation.



Cadence Group has provided a public health agency with cost-effective, superior internet/intranet development, maintenance, and support since 1995. We managed, designed, and maintained over 42 distinct websites using all of the latest web development tools.


Cadence Group staff monitors, compiles, and reports on metrics for communication assets, utilizing tools such as HTML & JavaScript, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Foresee, Userzoom, Altmetric, GovDelivery Reports, Twitter Analytics, and Excel. Cadence Group staff compiles specific data, creates presentations, prints materials, and advises office management on trends, tools, and progress to expand viewership across a wider audience.


Cadence Group helps a statistical agency to modernize its data dissemination strategy by building data visualizations that are both innovative and intuitive. We work with program directors and analysts to present information using dashboards and interactive data displays using a variety of platforms.

Health IT Positions

  • Biostatistician
  • Business Modeling Facilitator
  • Business Process Consultant
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Certified Document Imaging Architect
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Computer Security Systems Specialist
  • Computer Statistics Assistant
  • Cost Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Visualization Specialist
  • Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Specialist
  • Electronic Document & Records Manager
  • Enterprise / Systems Architect
  • Enterprise / Systems Architect
  • General Indexer
  • Graphics Specialist
  • Health Communication Specialists
  • Help Desk Manager
  • Indexer / Abstractor
  • Informatics Specialist
  • Information Manager
  • Information Technician
  • Management Consultant
  • Professional Information Specialist
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Project Control Specialist
  • Project Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Public Health Analyst
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist
  • SAS Programmer
  • SharePoint Developer
  • Strategic / Capital Planner
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems / Information Architect
  • Technical Information Specialist
  • Technical Writer / Documentation Specialist
  • Tester
  • Training Specialist
  • User Relations Specialist
  • User Support Specialist
  • Web Content Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Web Software Developer

Health IT Resources

White Papers

Cadence Group writes and curates a collection of white papers on best practices, industry trends, and research results associated with our areas of Practice. We are also constantly updating the Blog & News library so check there to see what’s new. Register for our current featured white paper to learn more about how we are Envisioning a Future for Public Health Knowledge Management. Public health is currently in the unique position to become a leader in the field of Knowledge Management in the human service sector, simply by leveraging infrastructure that is already in place.


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