Each Cadence Group Practice Area is defined by a specific area of expertise we have cultivated; we then apply that knowledge and know-how through a customized level of service. Depending on the complexity of the organization, companies may need assistance in multiple dimensions.  Each of our Practice Areas have grown from our unique experience and background in and around a sector.  The end result:  we are able to create best in class solutions, optimize results and improve the overall client experience. Our perspective gives us a truly unique approach that clients appreciate. Contact us to learn more about how you can put our experts to work for you.

Records & Information Management

With decades of experience in Records & Information Management, we know how to organize our clients’ electronic records, protect their knowledge assets, maintain legal compliance, reduce their information storage costs and more.

Library Management & Research

As seasoned experts in Library Management and Research, our team of librarians can help companies with content curation and organization.  Gain efficiencies through library assessments with design solutions, staffing, content acquisition/licensing, research support and archiving.

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

Leverage your most important asset: knowledge.  With our expertise in Collaboration and Knowledge Management, we’ll show you how to gain cost savings, improve customer service and drive innovation when your team can find and utilize the information you already have for true team collaboration.

Web & Content Management

The end-user is at the center of everything we do, but especially when it comes to Web and Content Management. We can help you keep internal and external audiences connected by assisting with user-centered design, web content management, and staffing.

Systems Development & Design

When you are unsure about when and how to upgrade technology and applications, we can provide an objective analysis of what you really need and what solutions will fit your requirements.  Our Systems Development and Design support includes facilitating implementation so you capture the maximum return on your investment through effective change management, integrated best practices in information management, and a commitment to compliant and sustainable solutions.

User Support and Training

The best programs, software, support and tools are useless if they are not embraced and integrated by the end user.  That’s where User Support and Training comes in. Through training, support and workshops our team will assure that your team takes advantage of all the resources at their disposal.


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