Taxonomy Workshop

Taxonomy Workshop

As a seasoned information management (IM) firm, Cadence Group® can help you significantly improve access to content through better classification, organization and structure.  Our taxonomy training solution helps improve your ability to quickly find and use information, whether the information is on the web, in a document or content management system, in a knowledge solution, on your shared drive or in an email.  No matter how sophisticated  your search capability, defining a hierarchical structure by which your users can store and retrieve information improves your results.

One way our information architects can help is to lead your team in a Taxonomy Workshop where we teach them about organizational structure and hierarchical classification systems and then guide them through the process of defining a taxonomy for your entire enterprise or for a specific need. Taxonomies can cover entities such as products, processes, industry terms and human groups. A corporate taxonomy will enable access to the right information within exponentially growing volumes of data and can assure the survival of valuable corporate know-how.

Whether you need a taxonomy, metadata schema, controlled vocabularies or records classification, Cadence Group has the taxonomy training expertise to drive results.

Benefits of our Taxonomy Workshop

Learn to manage your organization’s information through better hierarchical categorization.
  • Quicker and more accurate searches
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased e-commerce conversion rates
  • Targeted content distribution
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