Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) Tool

Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) Tool


Cadence Group’s Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) tool is backed by over 20 years of consulting and research.  Using the tool and proven methodology, we design comprehensive and customized records retention schedules that are grounded in Legal Research and Industry Best Practices. The schedules and corresponding research are displayed in a database that can easily be delivered in multiple formats, including editable databases, XML files or spreadsheets. We work with Information Technology teams to ensure easy integration.

The Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) tool can easily display records by category, business process, record owner or by mapping old retention categories to new. The Legal citations are linked to each category and can be displayed by geography, Law category, or industry. Our comprehensive database contains statutes and regulations including both US State and Federal Government, and over 39 countries.

In addition to the traditional record categories, we include events and retention, elements of record ownership, and source, effectively turning the Records Retention Schedule into an Executive Summary of your Records Program. With a quick look, anyone can find the answer or the right person to ask.

Benefits of our Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) Tool

An organized system for keeping up with the specific legal details of your records
  • Organizes legal research conclusions and sources
  • Links legal research and corporate records categories
  • Supports merger and consolidation of retention schedule, reporting and cross references

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