In a joint venture with Deepdive, Cadence Group® developed a unique solution to your electronic records overload. When you choose ePurgeSM, records managers, compliance officers, and the legal team will be able to confidently judge how unstructured data should be handled. The solution makes the cleanup of electronically stored information quick and manageable for your team and is easy to implement.

  • First, we use Cadence Group’s proprietary Triage Methodology to protect your critical electronic records and address compliance requirements during a rapid and cost effective cleanup.
  • Then we support your teams as they quickly review and approve recommendations through the desktop browser.
  • Finally, IT can take action through the defensible deletion and migration of inactive and obsolete information with the “touch of a button”.
  • Information can be migrated to a shared drive folder, a document management system, or an archive.
  • Later, ePurge audits can assure shared and personal drives are cleaned up on an annual basis.

It’s becoming increasingly important to proactively manage your data given its impact on revenue generation, corporate secrets, brand reputation and litigation exposure. Our scalable solution will bring results for every sized organization. In the end, when you ePurge, your operations will be more nimble, your team streamlined in their work, and your General Counsel will thank you. To receive a no-obligation consultation for cleaning up your records and information contact us.

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Benefits of


Quick and easy cleanup of your electronic records
  • Remove barriers to productivity
  • Minimize exposure to data breaches
  • Reduce electronic Storage
  • Lower e-Discovery risks

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