In today’s digital age, business operates at a speed that grows exponentially. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities.  We have developed a comprehensive range of Records & Information Management solutions (RIM Solutions) to assure you receive the support you need, when you need it.  In addition to a delivering our expertise through a  range of customized service levels, Cadence Group also offers a select group of ready-made RIM solutions to meet the challenges companies face in today’s competitive global market.

Our team of experts supports the management of each organization’s growing stores of information; we help companies every day become better at what they do by defining opportunities for change, developing unique RIM solutions that meet needs, and preparing for the future. Let us get to work on your behalf today.  Contact us for more information.



Taxonomy Workshop

Our Taxonomy Workshop is a comprehensive information session on how to make your company’s records and information easier to find and access through a well-developed system of hierarchical classification.

cg Research On-Demand

cg Research is a convenient, on-demand site that gives you ready access to professional researchers, quick turnaround on your research requests, and concise, easy-to-read results without long-term commitments or organization-wide contracts.

Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) Tool

The Records Retention Schedule Management (RRSM) Tool neatly displays your organization’s records and informs you of dates relating to legal status to ensure that your records always remain compliant.


ePurge helps you systematically organize and clean up terabytes of information clutter and implement a sustainable information management plan.

CRM Help Desk

The CRM Help Desk is a retained service that provides prompt records and information management support by phone or e-mail when you need it from our Certified Records Managers.

RIM Training

RIM Training will enable your organization to mitigate financial and legal risk, share data and knowledge across the enterprise, comply with laws specific to your industry, and increase employee productivity.

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