Cadence Group’s History

1988  The Cadence Group, Inc. is formed to provide Systems Design and Development, project management and business communications services to the commercial sector. Leveraging our executive experience in the financial sector, we quickly developed banking and insurance clients and became an approved vendor with IBM.  Cadence Group developed a strong team with skills in systems architecture, software development, business analysis, testing, quality control, and change management.

1991  The Board of Directors recognized the value that a company with expertise in both computer consulting services and library science could provide. The Board made a decision to move into the Library services industry and offer a comprehensive set of information acquisition and management services  (Library Management and Research).

1992  Cadence Group formed Cadence Group Associates, Inc. to focus on providing our services to federal government agencies. Cadence Group has won positions on the necessary small business contract vehicles to conduct business with federal and local governments. Over time, our contracts have expanded to include GSA Schedule 70 and agency IDIQ contracts such as our 10-year prime CIMS contract with The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, and we have become a teaming partner on government-wide vehicles such as NIH CIO-SP3, EPA-IMCS3, and Navy Seaport-e.

1996  Cadence Group changed its focus to fully utilize the blend of library science, research and technology skills, offering professional services and technology solutions that enabled clients to easily obtain, manage, and disseminate information. To provide efficient and effective consulting services, Cadence Group began building methodology, templates, and talent in the practice areas of Web & Content ManagementKnowledge Management, and Records and Information Management. From then until now, we have been committed to continuous improvement, leveraging the experience, education, and skills of each team member to expand and refine our key Practices Areas.

2003  Cadence Group announced the opening of its Washington, D.C. office. The office allows Cadence Group to leverage its experience in the federal government sector and legal community and to more effectively service outsourcing clients in the Northeast.

The Washington D.C. office services the growing need for electronic records and information management (RIM) solutions and more efficient, content-rich virtual libraries and knowledge management solutions.  Providing the same flexible Services as our Atlanta headquarters, the D.C. office quickly built up federal agency clients and prime contracts in records and information management and library services & research.  The office now offers support in all our Practice areas.

2003  Cadence Group also launched a new version of its virtual information center solution called In-forté. In-forté is an enterprise outsourcing solution that cost-effectively acquires decision-support information through product evaluation and aggregation of content purchases. Information is then combined with critical internal information and organized for quick retrieval. In-forté presents targeted information to employees using search, browse and push technologies.

2004  Cadence Group created cg-research.com, an e-commerce site for on-demand research. This site enables individuals, small businesses and corporate users to submit research requests and make secure payments using a credit card and simple online tools. Clients with retainer or custom contractual agreements may also use this site to submit research requests by using the Member Option.  This convenient, pay-as-you-go service gives users on-demand access to professional researchers skilled at quickly finding reliable resources on the Internet and compiling concise research results – without long-term commitments, contracts or subscription fees.

2010  Cadence Group launched the ePurge tool in response to our consulting teams identifying a need for a tool to simplify and automate the compliant cleanup electronic records at our large client sites.

2011  Cadence Group becomes certified under the new federal procurement set aside program for Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Today, Cadence Group continues to drive innovation.  Utilizing a team approach to manage over 50 professionals and paraprofessionals,  our management team strives to promote diversity in the workplace and cultivating an environment that encourages sharing and collaboration, trust and teamwork as well as personal growth and job satisfaction. Each employee is committed to providing the highest quality service to clients.

For over 25 years Cadence Group has consistently received excellent service ratings from clients and has thus maintained long-standing relationships.

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